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Dirty Hair, or Not Dirty Hair

PHOTO - Brittany Bay Productions

Dirty hair, or not dirty hair, that is the question.

There is this crazy myth going around that on your wedding day, or anytime you need your hair styled for a special occasion you need to have dirty hair. MYTH! Now I believe this started years ago before the plethora of amazing styling products came on the market, and hair would be too silky and smooth to hold a curl or stay in place. We now have so many products to give your hair amazing texture that there is no need to have dirty hair for a style. In fact it actually doesn't style nearly as well.

First off, do you really want to have that dirty, greasy, smell oozing from your hair on your wedding night? No way your NEW husband wants to smell that! So start out with a clean slate.

Second, not just smelly, but hair that has been pre-straightened, or pre-curled usually does not want to work with you. Trying to curl hair that has been straightened and have it actually hold, just doesn't work well.

Third, dirty hair tends to have lots of flakes and buildup which can show in hair. That only gets worse if we have to put dry shampoo or extra products in it.

Fourth, if it is dirty, I have to put a lot more dry shampoo in your hair than I normally would. Which also means it will be dull and have less of a natural shine.

So please, as I ask all my brides, come with clean, dry hair. Always remember to wear a shirt that won't mess up your hair when you go to change.

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