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I have been doing hair over 13 years and have used a lot of different products. I was trained at the Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy, so I knew all things TIGI backwards and forwards. I went to work at a nice salon in Frisco, Texas for a few years. We used some amazing, high end products there. I have tried products from drug stores, to high end products and have found these 5 are my go to, can't live without, products for every wedding!

1. Aquage Thermal body spray. Its a great primer for the hair. It helps protect the hair from the heat, and helps the hair hold extra well. I can't live without it! Plus it smells great. Aquage is hard to find because you can't find it in the stores. You can find it at salons or directly from Aquage, or as I have found on Amazon. Of course you can buy from me as well.

2. Sebastian Re-Shaper. I love Re-Shaper for a number of reasons. Once again, it smells awesome. The hold is so great, It’s a very flexible spray, so I use it as I go for extra hold but it doesn't leave the hair "crispy" as I call it. It's also a great spray to help with humidity.

3. Kenra 25 Super Hold Hairspray. It really is a super hold. Once again, smells amazing. It gives a great hold without leaving a nasty residue that looks flaky. There is a reason this hairspray has won so many awards . It’s amazing!

4. Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. What can I say, everyone needs a good dry shampoo. Nothing better than a dry shampoo that smells like citrus, and actually works. Sure, dry shampoo is great for day 2 or 3 (lets be honest day 5 or 6 too) of dirty hair. Dry shampoo is also one of my go to products for styling hair, even if the hair is squeaky clean. It gives a great texture to fine flat hair, lightens up heavy thick hair, and is great for the in-between. You can find it many places, but right now Ulta has a REALLY ridiculously great sale.

5. Joico Humidity Blocker. Seeing a trend? Can you tell I live in Texas? This is a great product. It does just what it says. Living in a humid place, I try and do everything to keep the frizz away, and make everything as smooth and beautiful as possible. I recommend this product to anyone who lives anywhere that is humid.

Did you notice a trend... It smells good. Yes! That‘s because it‘s your wedding day. You don't want to have on a stinky product, and lean in to kiss your man, and him get a whiff of something funky. There have been many products that have been recommended to me that were great, but had a weird smell, or a way too overpowering fragrance. I get numerous comments on how all my products smell great. Everyone leaves wanting to buy everything I put on them.

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